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Meet our family

Everyone asks “Where do the names come from?”

Family is a very important part of our wine business. A number of our wines are named after members of the Gartelmann family

Gartelmann 'Benjamin' Semillon

Sarah's son and Jan's grandson;
youthful, but a real leader;
and Jan's father, Ben, who loved this wine.

Gartelmann 'Sarah Elizabeth' Chardonnay

Jan's daughter; a smart and elegant lady.


Gartelmann 'Lisa' Reserve Chardonnay

Jorg's aunt. Saved Jorg's life at birth.


Gartelmann 'Jesse' Shiraz 

Phillip's son, Jorg's grandson; a delightful handful. 

Gartelmann 'Joey' Merlot

Sarah's son, Jan's grandson who has grand
rugby aspirations.

Gartelmann 'Georg' Petit Verdot 

Jorg's maternal grandfather who was a war time
air ace and bit of a wild lad.

Gartelmann 'Janette' Moscato

Former co-owner of the winery.
Bubbly like her namesake.

Gartelmann 'Jorg' VP 

Former co-owner of the winery. Like the Gartelmann Vintage Port, gets better with age.

Gartelmann 'Phillip Alexander' Cabernet Merlot

Jorg's son; Adventurous and full of fun.


Gartelmann 'Stephanie' Pinot Gris

Jorg's daughter; a great creative writer.  


Gartelmann 'Veronica' Rosé

Jorg's granddaughter, Stephanie's daughter; into art and gymnastics.


Gartelmann 'Jessica' Verdelho

Jan's mother, a fiesty lady much loved by Jan. 


Gartelmann 'Jonathan' Cabernet Sauvignon

Jorg's grandson, Stephanie's son; His heroes are
football stars.


Gartelmann 'Wilhelm' Shiraz

Jorg's uncle. Very supportive after we lost our
father early in life.



Gartelmann 'Diedrich' Shiraz

Jorg's grandfather; a really kind man. Much loved